How do I order a Fire Pit in Stainless Steel?

Each of our fire pits are available in black coated steel, or 304 stainless. You’ll find a radio button on the product page to upgrade to stainless if you’d like. The stainless pulls colors from the fire and heat and will show purples, blues, and browns in the metal after a few hot wood fires. The flames radiate from the sheen of the interior of the fire pit and create an extra layer of visual impact.

Our stainless pits are not just for you though… They will last, and last, and last.

A few things to keep in mind:
? The edges of our stainless pits are sharp – even sharper than our regular steel! We recommend NEVER reaching into the fire pit through any of the cut panels. Only reach in from the top, when it is safe to do so.
? The stainless will show signs of wear over time – slight discolorations from the heat and imperfections in the air will cause this. Don’t be alarmed!
? We don’t recommend cleaning your stainless pit with anything other than water (and ONLY when cool). Using chemical cleaners or stainless polishes can adversely affect the look of your fire pit and could be hazardous to your health the next time you light it on fire.